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Founded in 1993, Panyu Chu Kong Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. has gone through many triumphs and difficulties for more than 20 years. At present, our enterprise has become the largest producer and manufacturer of longitudinal welded pipes within China and is also a recognised leading global enterprise of longitudinal welded pipes manufacturing . All these are achieved through our vision, teamwork, hard work and keen determination for success..

At the establishment of the company, our management team, with keen sense of the market, rich experience in the industry, has manufactured products recognized by customers, and successfully entered the market.Since its establishment, , we successfully grew our businessthroughinnovations and strong determination. We not only established the brand of PCK at home and abroad, but also further expanded our scale by virtue the of capital market. Now, what is the next step after we have gone through the stages of promotion and brand building?

As an enterprise, PCK is set to grow bigger and continue to build on a stronger brand image. We have established a corporate culture that will continue to set us on this growth path well into the future.

After all, an enterprise comprises of people. Our employees who are from different regions have different experience, diversified cultural background and different development demands. How can we integrate their ideas and foster good teamwork ? The answer is through our common core value, our corporate culture, andconsistent goals, derived from our vision and mission.

Within PCK, we encourage freedom of ideas from our employees to show their unique personalities and capabilities. Meanwhile, we require them to comply with PCK’s corporate culture and core values. Only when all employees wholeheartedly recognize the values of “honesty, teamwork , innovation, hard working , and keep leading” and consciously apply these principles at work, can PCK foster all its employees, create a strong executive force and succeed in the future.

Hand in hand, let us make joint efforts to achieve our common mission and vision!

Chen Chang    Chairman
May 28, 2010


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