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The corporate mission, namely the overall function of an enterprise, answers the question of “what shall an enterprise strive to accomplish”, and is aimed to demonstrate the role and responsibilities of an enterprise during the social and economic development, explain the business area and operational philosophy of an enterprise, and provide a basis for the establishment of corporate goals and strategies.

The mission of PCK is to “produce the best pipes in the world and to lead the industry”.

With this mission, PCK accepted the responsibility to develop and to be the leader of the domestic welded steel pipe industry. In the past, we made a number of technical innovations in the industry and the country, and made great contributions to the maintenance of China’s energy safety and industrial development.With a higher quality of products and standing on the world platform, , we endeavor to develop into a world-leading manufacturer of steel pipes and become a leading enterprise in the industry!

Corporate vision refers to an enterprise’s long-term goals and the future state that it pursues. It describes the road map an enterprise is going, and answers the question of what an enterprise wants to be anddemonstrate the blueprint for corporate development and its pursuit of its long term goal.

PCK’s vision is “to develop into a world-leading and professional manufacturer of steel pipes with a strong innovative capacity, complete industrial chain for pipe manufacturing, leading technology, scientific management, advanced culture and harmonious working environment”.

The Vision describes describes the blueprint of PCK to be“a world-leading and professional manufacturer of steel pipes”. In order to realize such a blueprint, we firstly must possess a strong capability for innovation andrequires us to invest more in research and technology development; secondly, we shall strive to integrate the upstream and downstream of the manufacturing supply chain. We will do this by investing in upstream and downstream manufacturing processes from raw materials, manufacturing of coils and plates and pipe manufacturing., This is done through our technologies and management, building oncorporate culture in order to develop PCK into a world-leadingenterprise that focuses on steel pipe manufacturing.

Moreover, with a vision, it will constantly remind and encourage us to forge ahead.

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