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Corporate core value refers to the guidelines and code of conduct to guide the behavior of the enterprise and its employees, which reflects and strengthens the culture pursued by the enterprise. This value may support and guide all employees to make decisions, and help the enterprise realize its mission and achieve its vision.

PCK’s core value includes“honest, human-oriented, innovative, practical, leadership”


1. Honest: We advocate honesty.

Employees shall be honest to the enterprise, while the enterprise shall be honest to the customers and the society. A word such as “honesty” includes PCK’s responsibility to society and its stakeholders. As a corporate citizen, PCK abides by the code of ethics and laws and requires all employees to comply to laws and regulations.

2. Human-oriented: We care for people.

PCK attaches importance to the needs of its employees, and strives to stimulate their enthusiasm for work, in order to promote the harmonious relationship betweenPCK and its employees. Moreover, PCK makes great efforts to build an improved platform for employees’ development with the establishment of a welfare system for a scheme for individual development including learning and training.

 3. Innovative: We pay attention to innovation.

Innovation is an important corporate spirit of PCK. Our innovations related to science, technology, production, and management are the key elements for PCK to lead in a competitive industry. We encourage our employees to hold activities related to innovationand inspire them to actively participate in improvement in technology, equipment, and processes. Our current success originates from innovation, and we firmly believe that ourfuture will also depend on innovation.

4. Practical: We encourage employees to work diligently.

PCK’s success was achieved by employees diligently and wholeheartedly. For years, the medium and senior management officers of PCK have insisted on the system of a “Morning Factory Walk”. In the morning, before starting work, the responsible people of all departments take a tour around the premises, discuss work problems that need to be urgently solved, and implement solutions on site. This is just one example of the most direct implementation of the “working diligently” philosophy within our corporate culture.

 5. Leading: We pursue the leading position.

We pursue excellence and the No. 1 position. We endevour to lead, not to follow! Striving for leadership is an important characteristic of our corporate value. PCK maintains many “China Firsts” in various areas within the industry. The reason why we can lead within the industry is not only we can do better, but we can also implement earlier! “Always Be the First” is one of the most important reasons for our brilliant performance in the past, and also a corporate spirit that will beadvocated by PCK for the future.


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