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NO. Clients Standard Grade Specification Mill Quantity(MT) Service Year
1 Gas Pipeline Project,Santos Ltd., Australia API 5L PSL2 X65 4"×4mm 6"×4.6mm HFW 70 Gas 2017
2 Insulation Pipe Project in Hong Kong BS EN 10217-1:2006 S195 T/P265 TR1 4"~12"×5.4~6.3mm HFW 0.54 Insulation Pipe 2016-2017
3 Phase III,Gas Pipeline for GMP New 12SPP Project,PTT&GULF,Thailand API 5L PSL2 X60M 12"×10.31mm HFW 10.7 Gas 2016-2017
4 RAPID Petronas Project,Petronas,Singapore API 5L 45th PSL2 GR.BM 6"~24"×6.35~12.7mm HFW 21.4 Oil/Gas 2016-2017
5 NGP Gas Transmission Project, Jemena, Australia API 5L 45th PSL2 X70M 12"×6.4/7.9mm COE-HFW 626 Gas 2016-2017
6 Marmul Rationalization Project, PDO, Oman ISO3183 PSL2 L245MS 8"×4.8mm HFW 11.83 Sludge Transmission 2016
7 Gas Transmission Project, Jemena, Australia API 5L 45th PSL1 X42 18"×6.35mm; 8"×6.35mm COE-HFW; HFW 2.6
Gas 2016
8 Gas Pipeline for GMP New 12SPP Project, PTT & GULF, Thaïlande API 5L 45th PSL2 X60M 8"×8.74mm HFW 12.4 Gas 2016
9 Majnoon River Water Treatment Project, SHELL, Middle East API 5L PSL2 X65MS 12"×5.2mm HFW 30 Water 2016
10 Liuzhou City Natural Gas Project,Guangxi Guangtou Natural Gas Pipeline Network Co., Ltd., China API 5L 45th PSL2 L360M 12"×6.4/7.1mm HFW 13.7 Gas 2016
11 Beiliu City Natural Gas Project,Guangxi Guangtou Natural Gas Pipeline Network Co., Ltd., China API 5L 45th PSL2 L290M 14"×7.1/8.8/10mm HFW 47.46 Gas 2016
12 Phase Ⅰ,Xiangyuan Gas Pipeline Project, Shanxi Coal Bed Methane Co., Ltd., China GB/T9711-2011 PSL1 L245 4"/6"/8"/14"×4.4/5.2/6.4mm HFW 44.9 Gas 2015
13 Phase Ⅰ, Changzhi-Tunliu Section, Shanxi Coal Bed Gas Pipeline Project, Xiangyuan Zhangjiang Coal Be GB/T9711-2011 PSL1 L245 4"/6"/10"/12"/14"×4.4/5.2/5.6/6.4mm HFW 66.5 Gas 2015
14 Betara Complex Development 479 Project,Petrochina International Jabung Ltd.,Indonesia API 5L PSL2 X52 6"×7.92mm HFW 16.14 Oil/Gas 2015
15 Badra-Zubaidah, EPC Gas Export Pipeline Project, Gazprom, Iraq API 5L 45th PSL2 X65M 18"×7.9/9.5mm HFW 105.14 Gas 2015
16 Madura BD Field Development, Husky-CNOOC Madura Limited,Indonesia API 5L 45th Edition X65MO 16"×11.1/12.7mm HFW 53.6 Offshore Gas 2015
17 Macao Taipa MGM Hotel Cooling water Project, China BS EN10217-1 P265TR1 6"/8"/10"×6.3mm HFW 6.58 Cooling water 2015
18 Sour Oil/Gas Pipeline Project,Daleel Petroleum L.L.C.,Oman API 5L PSL2 X52MS 8"×8.2mm HFW 10 Sour Oil/Gas 2015
19 Scenic Hill-HKBCF-Airport Line Project, China Construction Engineering (Hongkong) Co., Ltd, Hong Kon BS EN10219-1:2006 & BS EN10219-2:2006 S275J0H 4"×6.3mm HFW 11.4 Piling 2015
20 Construction of Flowlines and Associated Works in North Kuwait Area, KOC, Kuwait API 5L PSL2 GR.B 12"×10.31mm HFW 9.5 Sour Gas 2015
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