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NO. Clients Standard Grade Specification Mill Quantity(MT) Service Year
1 Shenzhen-Zhongshan Bridge Project, CRMC, China SY/T5040 Q235B Φ2840×20mm Φ3344×22mm 13766
Piling 2018
2 Yancheng City New Water Source & Diversion Project, China GB/T3091-2008 Q235B Φ2420×22/24mm 3800
Water 2018
3 Bengal Water Transport Project, Jiangsu Yuanyang Pipe Industry Co.,ltd., Bangladesh GB/T3091-2015 Q235B Φ2020×16/20/22mm SAWH 3816 Water 2017-2018
4 Guangzhou Nansha International Passenger Liner Wharf Project, CCCC, China SY/T5040-92 Q390B Φ1100/1400/1600/1800×18/20/22/25mm SAWH 12821 Piling 2017
5 Donghaidao-Leizhou High-speed Bridge Project, Guangdong Changda Highway Engineering Co., Ltd. ,China JTS 167-4-2012 Q235B Φ2644-3250×18-36mm SAWH 10884 Protective Pipe 2016-2017
6 Honghe Bridge Steel Pipe Project, Guangdong Changda Highway Engineering Co., Ltd. ,China SY/T5040-2012 Q235B Φ1524~2744×12-22mm SAWH 6269 Protective Pipe 2016-2017
7 Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Project, Guangdong Changda Highway Engineering Co., Ltd. ,China SY/T5040-2000 Q235B Φ2000×22mm SAWH 1374 Piling 2016
8 Circulation Water Project of Power Plant, Fujian Petroleum Bohai Steel Tube Co., Ltd.,Indonesian GB/T3091-2008 Q235B Φ3040×18/22mm SAWH 5058 Water 2016
9 Yancheng City New Water Diversion Project, Jiangsu xinjingyuan Construction Group Co., Ltd. , China SY/T5037-2012 Q235B Φ2220×20/22mm 64"SAWH 2236 Water 2016
10 The CWB No. 8 Road Connecting Tunnel Project, China Construction Engineering (Hongkong) Co., Ltd, Ho BS EN10219-1:2006 & BS EN10219-2:2006 S275J0H;S355J0H Φ2000×22mm;Φ1500×22mm SAWH 386
Piling 2015
11 Zhuhai City West Water Plant-Quanwu Water Plant Expansion Project, Zhuhai Water Supply Machinery Eng GB/T3091-2008 Q235B 64"×14/16mm SAWH 2610 Water 2015
12 Luomahu-No.2 Waterworks Construction Water Pipeline Project, Xuzhou Water Affair Bureau, China SY/T5037-2012 Q235B 64"×16/18mm 72"×18/20mm 80"×20/22mm 64"SAWH 9074 Water 2015
13 Scenic Hill-HKBCF-Airport Line Project, China Construction Engineering (Hongkong) Co., Ltd, Hong Kon BS EN10219-1:2006 & BS EN10219-2:2006 S355J0H Φ1500×22mm SAWH 1441 Piling 2015
14 Crew Construction Project, PhaseⅠ, Southwest Hainan Power Plant,Guodian Ledong Power Co., Ltd., Chin Q345B Q345B 39.4"×20/18mm SAWH 2270 Piling 2015
15 OB3 Project, The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC),Nigeria API 5L PSL2 X70 36"×19.05mm SAWH 6000 Gas 2015
16 Los Ramones Gas Pipeline Project, Mexico API 5LPSL2 X70M 42"×14.27mm SAWH 49587 Gas 2014-2015
17 Water Diversion Project, Nanning Gongli Steel Pipe Manufacturing Co., Ltd., China Q345B Q345B 48"×21.5/17.5mm SAWH 2065 Water 2014
18 Piling Foundation Pipe Project, Humen Bridge Ⅱ, Guangdong Changda Highway Engineering Co., Ltd. , Ch SY/T5040-2000 Q235B 32"×8mm 3036/3040mm×20/18mm SAWH 1950 Piling 2014
19 Gaolangang Area Container Terminal Project, PhaseⅡ, CCCC Fourth Harbor Engineering(Zhuhai) Co., Ltd. Q345B Q345B 48"×18mm SAWH 4200 Piling 2014
20 Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Project, Guangdong-Scenic Hill Project, Hong Kong BS EN10219-1:2006 & BS EN10219-2:2006 S355J0H 93.5/96.7"×18mm SAWH 3000 Piling 2014
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