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PCK has set up and improved an integrated management system attaching great importance to health, safety and environment protection as per ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 standards. PCK not only strictly follows the environment protection, occupational health and safety regulations, but also commits itself to take effective measures to reduce and eliminate dangerous and polluting, in order to maintain sustainable developmentin with respect to environment, health and safety.


   ISO14001                                                                 ISO18001  

HSE Policy
PCK recognizes the high importance of manufacturing safe quality products. The company placed a high priority and supports Occupational Health and Safety. Environmental Protection (herein referred to as HSE) and our policy are as follows:

Abide to all laws and regulations
Prevent and control environmental pollution
Ensure Occupational Health and Safety
Promote sustainable development

These policies are our highest commitment related to occupational health and safety, and environmental protection, which published to the public. Any organization or individual can receive a copy of them from the Department of HSE Management or other departments by telephone or e-mail when necessary.

HSE Goals
Strive to achieve zero accidents, zero injuries and zero loss, continuously improve to,keep up with and even surpass the international level of HSE management.

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